October 9, 2015
365 Eco Bar, Kemang
Opening acts: Pijar & Low Pink

Witness the collision of brawl and beauty at The Garden's concert, live in Jakarta. The Californian garage punk twins will also release their new album, 'haha', on the date of their performance here. How could you say no to such advantage, such rare moment?

The presale tickets are sold out, but you can still get the regular-priced tickets—afforable of course, only for IDR150k. So there’s no use in holding back, really. Take a step closer in witnessing the collision of brawl and beauty at The Garden’s concert, live in Jakarta by purchasing the ticket here:

Still not convinced? Taste a glimpse of Wyatt Shears and Fletcher Shears live performance by viewing this video of them performing “Crystal Clear” from their upcoming album here:

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