Every generation has its beat.

A beat that represents all the signature facets from each generation. A beat that characterizes one generation from the other. No similarity, only beats and beats of authenticity that leads to the establishment of revolutionaries. STUDIORAMA is a beat for our generation, a tool for revolution. We are driven by the vision to be the agent of change in Indonesian music scene, by offering fresh perspective and novelty. We unearth treasured independent music, without regards of genre and other compartmentalization, and strive to introduce them to you.

STUDIORAMA is the main audiovisual harbor for new and promising acts.

Founded by a collective dream to contribute in enlivening the local scene with our own manner, STUDIORAMA can now also be regarded as a form of appreciation and support to artists who explore their creative sides without boundaries. STUDIORAMA’s original event, held yearly, consists of two attractive parts: STUDIORAMA SESSIONS and STUDIORAMA LIVE.

STUDIORAMA SESSION is filled with collaborative videos between musicians and artists outside the music circuit in order to offer fresh audiovisual feast for your ears and eyes. Those videos are directed to capture the visualization of the musicians at performing their songs live, while the collaborating artists participate in reconstructing the creative process of the videos.

STUDIORAMA LIVE, as the name suggests, is a live performance of the musicians and artists outside the music circuit—in front of the curious and also knowledgeable audience—previously recorded for STUDIORAMA SESSIONS. It’s the spearhead of all our activities, the ultimate reason of why we do what we do.

Because we believe that every generation has its beat. And you should too.